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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

The following questions and answers have been added to this page as a quick guide for anyone with questions about working from home.

Work From Home Questions

How can this site help me find a work from home job?

I want to work from home, where do I start?

Should I pay for a work-at-home job?

I'm not in the US, can I find a work at home job?

Can you give me a work at home job?

Q.  How can this site help me find a work from home job?

A.  We list sites that hire people for various home-based jobs. You will need to visit the site/s listed to determine if they have any current openings and for further information about their requirements and how to apply.

We also list telecommuting job leads. These leads come from various sources online. You will need to visit the site listed for more information about the job and how to apply.

There are also many other resources throughout the site that may help you find a job from home. Have a look around or check the Site Map.

Q.  I want to work from home, where do I start?

A.  This site provides lots of information to help you find a work from home job. Depending on what skills or experience you have, there are various sections of the site to check. If you have skills that are suited to a telecommuting job, you can start by searching the following sections of the site...

  • Work At Home Jobs - Find companies that hire home-based workers.
  • Job Board - Current telecommuting job listings from various online job sites.
  • Freelance Work - Links to current freelance projects and popular freelance sites.
  • Work At Home Forum - Job leads and discussion about work at home topics.
  • Site Map - Find other relevant sections of the site.

Q.  Should I pay for a work-at-home job?

A.  You should never have to pay for a work at home job. Anything that asks for money to get started or to find out more information is mostly likely an opportunity where you may or may not earn any money, or a scam. The only time you may need to pay anything to start a job is if certain equipment or software is required to perform the job e.g. a headset for customer service work, a foot pedal for transcription work, or specific software programs for web design or other skilled work.

If you have found a job lead that asks for a fee and you are not sure if it is legitimate or not, feel free to join our Forum and ask about it there.

Q.  I'm not in the US, can I find a work at home job?

A.  Most of the resources on this site are for people in the US.  For other countries, one of the most popular options is to find freelance work projects. You can find links to some freelance projects and some popular freelance sites on our Freelance page.

We have also found lots of other useful resources about telecommuting, telework, and working from home in general from various countries around the world. Visit the Telecommuting Worldwide section and select a continent to find these resources.

Q.  Can you give me a work at home job?

A.  We cannot give you a job. Just like searching for a job offline, you'll need to look for a suitable job yourself. If you find a job lead that matches your skills and apply for the job make sure that your resume and cover letter are the best they can be and give a great first impression to any prospective employer. Your resume and cover letter can make you stand out (or not) from other people that are also applying for the same job.

If you have any other questions please Contact Us.

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