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Something to think about + opportunity if wanted

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PostPosted: Wed Oct 26, 2011 8:48 pm    Subject: Something to think about + opportunity if wanted Reply with quote

I'm sitting here looking through all these post and just have to kind of shake my head at a lot of the products mentioned. The problem with most MLMs, Network Marketing, and affiliate companies is that they are almost all SELLING A PRODUCT. You cannot expect to do extremely well by selling someone something that they may want or can use, you need to cater to what they absolutely NEED.

For example, the company I'm working with is currently in pre-launch, and doesn't sell anything directly. Businesses pay for results that you give them free. You benefit from signing up merchants (all of them actually NEED this to stay in business), you benefit from reps you sign, and you benefit from customers. Not only that, but each of the reps you sign also benefit back from you from your spillover.

It's hard to explain without showing visuals, but basically you want to be in the front of a trend that has just taken off. The trend I am speaking of has just become well known over the last 2 years and most trends have about an average of a 10 year lifespan so taking a little off of that, I'd estimate about 7 - 12 more years for this type of marketing to remain highly profitable. During that time there will be MANY clones, copycats, follow-on companies, etc. in which some will make it some will not.

Each of these companies will need to have a PERK that sets them apart from the rest. Our perk actually has a patent pending and saves the customers money up front, so we will possibly outdo the main company that become worth over $20 billion in 2 years.

Despite what many people believe, MLMs work. Network Marketing WORKS. You just have to read the signs, get in at the right time, and do some work. Most of the people that claim scam or that most other fails don't know much about statistics.

Think about how many people want to be a pro football player... most fail. How many people want to be rich.... most fail. Etc. The only ones that make it are the ones whom aspire to make it work, never give up, and they practice... and practice... and practice... and even while they are at the top, they practice more.

Same thing applies in marketing. You work... and work... and work... and even when you make it, you keep working. THAT is how you make it in this industry.

I'm no guru and not trying to act like I know much more than anyone else, but I have mad a VERY substantial amount of money dealing with MLM Network Marketing, and it's just absurd how many people claim it can't be done simply because they refuse to put any effort forth.

Hell, I'll even share my secrets and exactly whom I'm working with now and if you have ANY drive whatsoever, I can almost guarantee you $1,000 your first week without you leaving your house. No B.S.

In short, offer things people NEED and can benefit the second you talk to them, not down the line, when they get home, etc. EVERY business needs customers to be successful.

What I am working with basically walks customers into the door with money in their hand (literally) because that's the way it works. We offer deals on things people already use daily. Let's take an example:

I have Target as one of my merchants wanting to run a deal of the day. They run a deal for $10.00 for $25.00 worth of their products. Target is a HUGE company that millions of people shop at daily. Let's say they are so big that they do 100,000 deals for $1,000,000. [big companies like that always do huge amounts of deals, trust me.]

- Merchant get 50% of the 1M, our company gets 50% of the 1M

- I signed up Target, so I receive 10% of the company profit.

- Person whom referred ME receives 4% of the company profit.

- Let's say 1,000 of those customers that bought the deal were people I referred (meaning they simply entered their email into the system through my link) I receive a % of EACH of their purchases made also [every time, not just for this 1 deal, for life] and these customers can even refer more customers and receive $10 towards their next deal, so you profit even more down the line.

You also receive certain bonuses for signing new reps. Each new rep can give you $100 to $200 just for them signing up under you, whether they do any work or not. [more complicated, but I can explain if you need me to]

The main point I'm getting at is know what you're getting into, if you can do it, and can it progress on it's own. Coupons are a HUGE niche right now because it saves people money, so it will be around for quite some time and I give it about 7 more years before the next method of coupons becomes super popular. The time is now.
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Joined: 05 Nov 2010
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PostPosted: Sat Oct 29, 2011 10:18 am    Subject: Reply with quote

Thanks for sharing your insights.

Personally I always prefer to keep a diversification in my income sources.I also don't feel comfortable in selling products but I prefer to do some SEO works and this is why I kept freelancing,adsense as other options besides affiliate marketing.
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PostPosted: Sun Nov 27, 2011 11:43 pm    Subject: Reply with quote

I'm with ishuvonet. I also like having more than one egg in my basket. If something were to fall through, I'd still have other sources bringing in income.

I also thought your post was excellent TurtleDive. Smile
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