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This page lists some of the best sites to search for work as a freelance translator. Most of these sites contain current job listings for translations in all languages. Please contact us if you know of any other translation job sites that should be listed on this page.

Good luck with your job search.

Translation Job Sites

Avantpage - Translators

Avantpage specializes in language translation services for many industries. Sample test required to be completed with application. Visit the website to learn more about this company.

Foreign Exchange Translations - Freelance Translators

Minimum requirements include 3 years of experience as a professional linguist, native speaker of the language you are translating into, specialization in medical, financial, technical or web translations, and completion of test translation with above-average results.

Gongwell Services - Freelance Translators

Applicants must have minimum 3 years translation experience, good communication and organizational skills, advanced level in Office (MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel) and have fast internet access.

Keylingo - Translators

Keylingo specializes in language interpretation and language translation services. See the website to learn more about this company.

Lingo24 - Translators

Translators must have an internationally recognised translator's qualification (from a body such as the ITI or IOL in the UK, or the American Translators' Association, or their own country's equivalent) and have at least five years professional experience.

Linguistic Systems Inc - Freelance Language Translators

Translators must have at least two years of translation experience, a degree from an accredited university, easy access to email, and ability to use basic translation software tools.

Lionbridge - Freelance Translators

Lionbridge is looking for qualified translators and translation agencies. Visit the website for online registration and to learn more about working with this company.

Language Services Associates - Translators

Continuously looking for qualified linguists, in all language pairs, to complete translation assignments as independent contractors. Must possess native fluency in both English and a foreign language. Check website for current open positions.

ProZ - Freelance Translators

Leading directory of translation agencies, freelance translators and translation jobs. Members can bid on current job listings. Site also offers many other resources for translators.

SDL International - Freelance Translators

Currently looking for freelance translators with a minimum of 2 years freelance translation experience or 1 year in-house translation experience. Applications from translators with relevant alternative experience or qualifications are also welcome. See the website for further information.

Technovate Translations - Translators

Only accepting translators with at least 3 years industry experience. Prefer translators that have a technical specialty, work in a rare language pair, have certification recognized by a major translation association, and have formal translation education. Also hires interpreters.

Tolingo - Freelance Translators

Applications accepted from freelance translators with a degree in languages and/or translation, or a degree in another academic field with extensive experience and professional accreditation.

Tomedes - Translation Jobs

Worldwide translation marketplace with projects in many language pairs. Register on the site to bid on various translation projects posted by clients around the globe.

TRADUguide - Translation Jobs

Members can bid on current job listings. Many other resources including searchable directory of freelance translators and translation agencies.

Translation Central - Translator Jobs

Looking for translators with excellent knowledge and professional experience in any language. Visit the website to learn more and to complete online application form.

TranslatorPub.Com - Translation Jobs

Directory of Freelance Translators, Translation Agencies and Translation Jobs.

Translators Base - Translation Jobs

Online registry of translators and translation agencies. See the "Projects" page for current translation job listings.

Translators Cafe - Translation Jobs

Translation jobs listed in all language combinations. Members can bid on job listings. Site also offers many other resources for translators. - Freelance Translation Jobs

Freelance Translation Jobs In All Languages. Browse the latest job postings and bid on jobs matching your languages!

Trusted Translations - Translator Jobs

Applicants must pass a complex test as part of the selection process. Visit the website to learn more about the company, translation process, and online application.

WorldLingo - Freelance Translators

Looking for generalist and specialist freelance translators. See the website for specific requirements and online application.

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